Articles, Chapters, Symposia & Reviews

Articles & Chapters

(2023) “Perceptions of Invasiveness and Fear of Stigmatization in Mental Health Care”, American Journal of Bioethics – Neuroscience, 14 (1): 20-23.

(2022) “The Work of the Normative Sciences: On Liszka’s Charles S. Peirce on Ethics, Esthetics, and the Normative Sciences“, Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, 58 (3): 235-242.

(2022) “Pragmatism and the Moral Life”, Routledge Companion to Pragmatism, eds. Scott Aikin and Robert Talisse. (link is to penultimate draft)

(2022) “Solving for Stigma in Mental Health Care”Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice.

(2022) “Truth, pragmatic theory of”Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

(2020) “A Peircean Argument for Epistemic Cosmopolitanism”, Yearbook Practical Philosophy in a Global Perspective, 4.

(2020) On Moral Architecture, in Explorations in Ethics, ed. David Kaspar, Palgrave Macmillan.

(2019) “Many Gaps, One Chasm: Pragmatism, Reality, and Representationalism”, Syndicate Philosophy.

(2018) “Mental Disorder as a Puzzle for Constitutivism”, Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice.

(2017) (w/Kenneth Boyd) “Peirce on Intuition, Instinct, and Common Sense”, European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy, 9 (2), Special Issue: Pragmatism and Common Sense, eds. Gabriele Gava and Roberto Gronda.

(2017) “Metaethics for Mavericks: Santayana and Nietzsche on False Idols and True Poetry” (Winner of the 2016 Angus Kerr-Lawson Essay Prize), Overheard in Seville: Bulletin of the Santayana Society, 35: 78-92.

(2017) (w/Kenneth Boyd) “Rascals, Triflers, and Pragmatists: Developing a Peircean Account of Assertion”, British Journal for the History of Philosophy,
25 (2): 1-22.

(2017)  “C.I. Lewis: From Conceptual Pragmatism to Contemporary Metaethics”, in Contemporary Perspectives on C.I. Lewis: Pragmatism in Transition, ed. Peter Olen & Carl Sachs, Palgrave Macmillan.

(2017)  “From Method to Medicine: A Pragmatist Framework for Bioethics”, in Pragmatism and Objectivity: Essays Sparked by the Work of Nicholas Rescher, ed. Sami Pihlström, Routledge, 239-253.

(2016) “Practitioner Narrative Competence in Mental Health Care”Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology 23 (2): 115-127.

(2015) “Reality as Necessary Friction”. Journal of Philosophy 112 (9):504-514.

(2014) “Peirce on Science, Practice, and the Permissibility of ‘Stout Belief'”. In Charles S. Peirce in His Own Words – The Peirce Quote Volume, eds. Torkild Thellefsen and Bent Sørensen, Mouton de Gruyter.

(2012) “Santayana on Value: Expressivism, Self-Knowledge, and Happiness”. Overheard in Seville: Bulletin of the Santayana Society, 30: 4-13.

Book Symposium

(2018) On Toward a Pragmatist MetaethicsReplies to Ahmed, Koopman, Kramer, & LeggSyndicate Philosophy.


(2021). Review of Roberto Frega and Steven Levine (eds.), John Dewey’s Ethical Theory: the 1932 Ethics, Routledge, 2021. European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy, 9(2).

(2017) Review of Richard Kenneth Atkins, Peirce and the Conduct of Life: Sentiment and Instinct in Ethics and Religion, Cambridge, 2016. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

(2010) ‘The Genteel Tradition Revisited: Review of ‘The Genteel Tradition in American Philosophy’ and Character and Opinion in the United States’, ed. James Seaton. Overheard in Seville: Bulletin of the Santayana Society, 28: 35-38.