Articles, Chapters, Symposia & Reviews

Articles & Chapters

(2020) “A Peircean Argument for Epistemic Cosmopolitanism”, Yearbook Practical Philosophy in a Global Perspective, 4.

(2020) On Moral Architecture, in Explorations in Ethics, ed. David Kaspar, Palgrave Macmillan.

(2019) “Many Gaps, One Chasm: Pragmatism, Reality, and Representationalism”, Syndicate Philosophy.

(2018) “Mental Disorder as a Puzzle for Constitutivism”, Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice.

(2017) (w/Kenneth Boyd) “Peirce on Intuition, Instinct, and Common Sense”, European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy, 9 (2), Special Issue: Pragmatism and Common Sense, eds. Gabriele Gava and Roberto Gronda.

(2017) “Metaethics for Mavericks: Santayana and Nietzsche on False Idols and True Poetry” (Winner of the 2016 Angus Kerr-Lawson Essay Prize), Overheard in Seville: Bulletin of the Santayana Society, 35: 78-92.

(2017) (w/Kenneth Boyd) “Rascals, Triflers, and Pragmatists: Developing a Peircean Account of Assertion”, British Journal for the History of Philosophy,
25 (2): 1-22.

(2017)  “C.I. Lewis: From Conceptual Pragmatism to Contemporary Metaethics”, in Contemporary Perspectives on C.I. Lewis: Pragmatism in Transition, ed. Peter Olen & Carl Sachs, Palgrave Macmillan.

(2017)  “From Method to Medicine: A Pragmatist Framework for Bioethics”, in Pragmatism and Objectivity: Essays Sparked by the Work of Nicholas Rescher, ed. Sami Pihlström, Routledge, 239-253.

(2016) “Practitioner Narrative Competence in Mental Health Care”Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology 23 (2): 115-127.

(2015) “Reality as Necessary Friction”. Journal of Philosophy 112 (9):504-514.

(2014) “Peirce on Science, Practice, and the Permissibility of ‘Stout Belief'”. In Charles S. Peirce in His Own Words – The Peirce Quote Volume, eds. Torkild Thellefsen and Bent Sørensen, Mouton de Gruyter.

(2012) “Santayana on Value: Expressivism, Self-Knowledge, and Happiness”. Overheard in Seville: Bulletin of the Santayana Society, 30: 4-13.

Book Symposium

(2018) On Toward a Pragmatist MetaethicsReplies to Ahmed, Koopman, Kramer, & LeggSyndicate Philosophy.


(2021). Review of Roberto Frega and Steven Levine (eds.), John Dewey’s Ethical Theory: the 1932 EthicsRoutledge, 2021. European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy, 9(2).

(2017) Review of Richard Kenneth Atkins, Peirce and the Conduct of Life: Sentiment and Instinct in Ethics and Religion, Cambridge, 2016. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

(2010) ‘The Genteel Tradition Revisited: Review of ‘The Genteel Tradition in American Philosophy’ and Character and Opinion in the United States’, ed. James Seaton. Overheard in Seville: Bulletin of the Santayana Society, 28: 35-38.