The core of my research program is the question of what it means to inquire into moral life, into its singular and shared nature, and into value and practices of valuation.  From this core, my work unfolds in different directions, such that at any time I am typically working on projects in metaethics, epistemology, history of philosophy (especially American philosophy), and applied ethics (especially ethics of mental health care).

At present, I have the following projects underway:

Book No.2

My first book developed certain themes in classical American pragmatism for application to debates in contemporary metaethics.  This second book is, in some ways, the prequel: in it, I explore roughly a hundred years of the pragmatist tradition’s engagement with ethical theory, drawing on work from nine philosophers.  The central premise is that while pragmatism is not (and never has been) a fully unified school of thought, when it comes to ethical theory (broadly construed) there are unifying features, compelling arguments, and interesting disagreements in the tradition that merit further exploration.

Three Papers in Ethics of Mental Health Care

Since I’m teaching in this area right now, these projects have been multiplying!

The first paper builds on a 2016 paper where I took steps toward a model for practitioner narrative competence in mental health care.  I had begun that paper thinking to devote half for the practitioner, and half for the patient – but quickly realized that each is fully deserving of its own space.  So I’m now working on a paper on patient narrative competence, which I develop in connection with a distinction between narrative competence and narrative autonomy.

The second paper concerns responsibility and the onset of addiction.  This one’s early days; it unites some of my mostly-latent interests in philosophy of action with my interests in ethics and mental health.

under review


I also have a paper in this area out for review.  Off my desk + onto someone else’s = the way I like it.



A Paper on Charles S. Peirce

Along with Kenneth Boyd, I’m working on a paper on Peirce’s view of instinct, intuition, and common sense.  We’re down in the weeds on this one!  At pretty well any time, one/both of us can be found hunched over the CP, EP, CE, or a beautiful spreadsheet for which I have colour-coding ambitions.  The spreadsheet will become a paper in time to be presented at the Canadian Philosophical Association in May!

A Metaethics Paper


Is out under review.  Surprisingly (or not?) quite a lot of stock photos on this theme…

In the interest of honouring blind review processes, I do not post details about work that is currently under review.