It seems to me that we are driven to this, that logicality inexorably requires that our interests shall not be limited. They must not stop at our own fate, but must embrace the whole community.  ~ Charles Sanders Peirce

The core of my research program is the question of what it means to inquire into moral life, and how such inquiry can improve our practices.  I develop a practice-first approach that focuses on the epistemic position and epistemic limitations of moral agents, who are not solitary deliberators but rather members of communities operating against a background of shared moral architecture.  From this core, my work unfolds in different directions, such that at any time I am typically working on projects in metaethics, history of philosophy (especially American pragmatism, but also history of ethical theory), bioethics (especially ethics of mental health care), and epistemology.

In the interest of honouring blind review processes, I do not post details about work that is currently under review.