Conferences &tc

For AY 2019-20, I’m looking forward to attending the following events:

The 2019 Canadian Philosophical Association meeting in Vancouver, June 1-4, where I will be speaking in two sessions:

First up, a panel called “Pragmatism on the Darkest Timeline/Le pragmatisme dans le plus sombre des mondes possibles”, with Shannon Dea, Pierre-Luc Dostie Proulx, Andrew Howat, and Robert Lane which is on June 2. My contribution is called Dark Days & The Universal Continuum: Pragmatist Cosmopolitanism for the 21st Century.

Second, I’ll be the respondent for Griffin Klemick’s paper on June 4th, titled “Peirce, Empiricism, and the Pragmatic Maxim”.

The Royce Society’s 2019 Douglas MacDonald and Ruby Morgan Conference on the Life and Work of Josiah Royce, His Colleagues and Students, to be held at Vanderbilt University on October 18-20, 2019.