My core of my teaching work is the intersection of ethics (broadly construed) & epistemology (broadly construed).  I also teach bioethics, both at the introductory level and focusing more narrowly on ethics and mental health.

I teach my introductory courses historically to offer a sense of how philosophy can shape and be shaped by its context.  I tend to work with my students from insights and developments in the history of philosophy toward pressing contemporary issues that bear on our communities and our self-understanding.  I try to offer a historical component in my electives as well, depending on the focus of each particular course.

My recent teaching has included courses on freedom and responsibility, metaethics, normative ethics, bioethics, ethics of mental health care, and epistemology.

Here is my current & upcoming teaching:

In Spring 2018, I’ll be offering a graduate class in Normative Ethical Theory (PHIL 5114), and a brand new elective in the department, Ethics and Mental Health (PHIL 3936).

In Summer 2018, I’ll be offering a senior values seminar, Freedom & Responsibility (PHIL 4484).

I have a Teaching Fundamentals Certificate from the Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation at the University of Toronto, which I earned through a series of workshops on topics including pedagogy, equity and diversity in the classroom, and engaging students through writing.

Here is a list of past classes:


Metaethics (Graduate Level) ~ Fordham University ~ Fall 2017

Ethics & Mental Health (Honours Program) ~ Spring 2017

Metaethics ~ Fordham University ~ Fall 2016

Philosophy of George Santayana (Graduate Level) ~ Fordham University ~ Fall 2016

Freedom & Responsibility ~ Fordham University ~ Summer 2017/Spring 2016

Philosophical Ethics ~ Fordham University ~ F17/S16/F15/F14

Human Nature ~ Fordham University ~ S17/F16/S15/F14

Bioethics ~ University of Toronto ~ Spring 2014

Knowledge & Reality ~ University of Toronto ~ Spring 2013                                                   

Teaching Assistant

Ethics and Mental Health ~ University of Toronto ~ Winter 2014/Winter 2013

Introduction to Philosophy ~ University of Toronto ~ Fall 2013

Introduction to Ethics ~ University of Toronto ~ Winter 2011/Winter 2010

Belief, Truth, Knowledge ~ University of Toronto ~ Fall 2010/Winter 2009

Freedom and Determinism ~ University of Toronto ~ Fall 2009

Law and Morality ~ University of Toronto ~ Spring 2009/Fall 2008

Knowledge, Mind, Existence ~ University of Saskatchewan ~ Winter 2007/Fall 2006