My core of my teaching work is the intersection of ethics & epistemology. I teach classes in bioethics, metaethics, normative ethics, and the history of ethical theory.

I teach my introductory-level courses historically to offer a sense of how philosophy can shape and be shaped by its context. I strive to work with my students from insights and developments in the history of philosophy toward pressing contemporary issues that bear on our communities and our self-understanding.

Recent teaching has included a seminar on death, a seminar on value in the pragmatist tradition, and a course introducing students to applied ethics through units on human rights, the environment, hunger and poverty.

At Vanderbilt in Fall 2020, I’ll be offering two undergraduate courses: a writing-intensive Introduction to Medical Ethics (PHIL 1008W) and an upper-level seminar on Ethics & Mental Health (PHIL 3635).

I have a Teaching Fundamentals Certificate from the Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation at the University of Toronto, which I earned through a series of workshops on topics including pedagogy, equity and diversity in the classroom, and engaging students through writing.

Here is a list of past classes:

At Vanderbilt

Pragmatism & Value (Graduate Level) ~ Spring 2020

Contemporary Moral Problem ~ Spring 2020/Fall 2019

Ethics & Medicine (Death & Dying) ~ Fall 2019

At Fordham

Normative Ethics (Graduate Level) ~ Spring 2019/Spring 2018

Metaethics (Graduate Level)  ~ Fall 2017

Ethics & Mental Health ~ Spring 2018/Spring 2017 (Honors progam)

Metaethics ~ Spring 2019/Fall 2016

Philosophy of George Santayana (Graduate Level) ~ Fall 2016

Freedom & Responsibility ~ Summer 2018/Summer 2017/Spring 2016

Philosophical Ethics ~  F17/S16/F15/F14

Human Nature ~ F18/S17/F16/S15/F14

At the University of Toronto (St. George Campus)

Bioethics ~ Spring 2014

Knowledge & Reality ~ Spring 2013                                                   

Teaching Assistant/Tutorial Leader

Ethics and Mental Health ~ University of Toronto ~ Winter 2014/Winter 2013

Introduction to Philosophy ~ University of Toronto ~ Fall 2013

Introduction to Ethics ~ University of Toronto ~ Winter 2011/Winter 2010

Belief, Truth, Knowledge ~ University of Toronto ~ Fall 2010/Winter 2009

Freedom and Determinism ~ University of Toronto ~ Fall 2009

Law and Morality ~ University of Toronto ~ Spring 2009/Fall 2008

Knowledge, Mind, Existence ~ University of Saskatchewan ~ Winter 2007/Fall 2006