For Summer 2017 (May-June session), I’m teaching Freedom & Responsibility (PHIL 4484 – EP4), which is an intensive senior values seminar meeting 4x/week.  The last time I taught this was over a regular semester, so the highly compressed format (12 hours of class a week!) will be sure to present new pedagogical puzzles.

In Fall 2017, I’ll be offering a graduate class in Contemporary Metaethics (PHIL 7240), along with two sections of Fordham’s sophomore core course, Philosophical Ethics (PHIL 3000 – EP3).

I have a Teaching Fundamentals Certificate from the Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation at the University of Toronto, which I earned through a series of workshops on topics including pedagogy, equity and diversity in the classroom, and engaging students through writing.

I’ve taught groups ranging from 9 students to 82 students, and assisted in a class with 300 students.  Each of these sizes offers goods (and challenges!).  I’m enjoying my current class size of 15-35 students: large enough for diversity of opinion, little enough for genuine discussion.

Here is a breakdown of classes I’ve worked with in various roles:


Ethics & Mental Health (Honors Program) ~ Spring 2017

Metaethics ~ Fordham University ~ Fall 2016

Philosophy of George Santayana (Graduate Level) ~ Fordham University ~ Fall 2016

Freedom & Responsibility ~ Fordham University ~ Spring 2016

Philosophical Ethics ~ Fordham University ~ S16/F15/F14

Human Nature ~ Fordham University ~ S17/F16/S15/F14

Bioethics ~ University of Toronto ~ Spring 2014

Knowledge & Reality ~ University of Toronto ~ Spring 2013                                                   

Teaching Assistant

Ethics and Mental Health ~ University of Toronto ~ Winter 2014/Winter 2013

Introduction to Philosophy ~ University of Toronto ~ Fall 2013

Introduction to Ethics ~ University of Toronto ~ Winter 2011/Winter 2010

Belief, Truth, Knowledge ~ University of Toronto ~ Fall 2010/Winter 2009

Freedom and Determinism ~ University of Toronto ~ Fall 2009

Law and Morality ~ University of Toronto ~ Spring 2009/Fall 2008

Knowledge, Mind, Existence ~ University of Saskatchewan ~ Winter 2007/Fall 2006