Ethcetera is the Vanderbilt Philosophy Department’s ethics research cluster, formed in 2019 by myself and Matthew Congdon. Our group members have diverse and overlapping philosophical interests, all of which take an “ethics-and…” shape. Current members work in aesthetics, epistemology, history of philosophy, and political philosophy, alongside interests in metaethics, moral psychology, normative ethics, and applied ethics (bioethics and environmental ethics).

This diversity of interests benefits us in our conversations, which are organized around a theme for each academic year. Our meetings alternate between discussion of close readings of new and classic texts on our theme and workshopping our own scholarly efforts.

Our theme for the 2022-23 AY will be Friendship.

link to Ethcetera website coming soon!

Past Themes:

2021-22 Ethics after Wittgenstein

2020-21 Food

2019-20 Moral Progress